Hotel Corporate Rates (2023)

Accommodation costs normally eat up a significant chunk of your company’s business travel spending. In this section, we will show you how you can cut costs and benefit from some of the best corporate discounts at hotels.

Just like other travel service providers, hotels offer their business clientele corporate rates and discounts. These discounts normally start at 10% but, with a bit of shopping around and negotiating, you can easily get a better deal.

It’s in a hotel’s best interest to offer business travelers more attractive rates in exchange for loyalty and a guaranteed high volume of business.

How hotel corporate rates work

Hotel corporate rates are usually negotiated beforehand between the hotel or hotel chain and the company, usually via the organization’s travel manager. Once your company's special rate has been negotiated, you will normally be able to enjoy the benefits via a corporate code.

When sorting your company hotel booking through the hotel’s website, you will be able to insert your corporate code into a coupon code or discount code box while making your reservation. Upon check-in, business travelers might be asked to show some form of company card or identification to prove that they are eligible for the corporate hotel discounts.

These rates could apply in the same way all year round or could only be available when you book your stay on business days or during off-peak seasons. This all depends on what was negotiated between your company and the hotel.

In some cases, your employees might also be able to enjoy these discounts and benefits when travelling for personal reasons.

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Apart from saving money on your company’s corporate travel, having good corporate rates also allows you to keep on top of your spending and in line with your company’s travel policy. Quite often, hotel corporate rate agreements could include auxiliary perks such as more flexible cancellation policies and loyalty points which could be exchanged for free nights or add-ons.

How to land great corporate rates at hotels

If you’re a larger company, the task of finding the best corporate hotel rates normally falls onto your travel manager. They have a clear picture of your business’ travel needs and budget. They know your buying power and this is your number one bargaining chip.

Here are a few other tips on how you can get better rates at hotels:

  • You could choose to work directly with a business travel agency who might have access to the best corporate rates at hotels. Even though there might a cost for their services, you could still end up saving quite a bit of money.
  • If you’ve identified a specific hotel or hotel chain that is likely to meet all of your present and future business travel needs you can choose to consolidate all of your hotel bookings with them. This level of exclusivity might get you some fantastic rates and benefits.
  • Enter a contract for a fixed number of room nights. Again, this requires a very clear understanding of your travel needs. You can negotiate a fixed number of nights a year in which you’ll need hotel rooms.
  • Look out for last-minute rates. The last thing a hotel wants is empty rooms so, if you’re willing to take the risk, booking your accommodation very close to your arrival date could work out very cheap.

Hotel corporate rates for small businesses

Company hotel discounts aren’t just for large companies. Small businesses or even solopreneurs can enjoy great rates and benefits. Studies found that small businesses tend to spend around 19.7% more on their travel than larger businesses. As a small business, obtaining the best rates could drastically reduce this percentage.

While small businesses might not have the same volumes and, therefore, bargaining power as larger companies, there are a number of ways in which you can some great corporate rates at hotels:

1. Use a travel management platform

Like we mentioned already, TMCs work with a large network of providers which means that they could have access to some great rates.

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Get corporate rates on hotels with TravelPerk

One of the benefits of booking your business travel with TravelPerk is that we’re able to negotiate some of the most competitive corporate hotel rates for our customers around the world. In fact, you can choose from over 26,000 special hotel rates when you book with us.

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2. Shop around

Take the time to see what’s available out there. Check and speak to multiple hotels and chains that match your needs, compare their rates or the offers that they give you directly. Don’t be afraid to ask them to match the best offer you’ve received so far.

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3. Extended stay discounts

If you’re staying for more than 5 nights you can ask for what is known as an extended stay discount. This might not be advertised openly on the hotel’s website but it is common practice to ask for one.

4. When possible, opt for non-refundable rates

If cancellation flexibility isn’t vital for you, some hotels can offer significant discounts for clients who pay up-front through a non-refundable rate. In some cases, hotels could offer a discount of up to 25% here.

5. Corporate credit cards and loyalty programs

Many credit card providers offer corporate or business credit cards. Using these cards to pay for your hotel stay can get you company hotel discounts, the occasional free night or even some add-ons like extra meals. Corporate credit cards usually come at a cost but can be worth it if used frequently enough.

Alternatively, some hotels have their own loyalty programs which award return business travelers with rewards, discounted rates and free stays.

6. Use a client’s corporate code when visiting

If you’re traveling to meet with a client of yours, there’s a chance they might have their own corporate codes or pre-negotiated company hotel discounts with a nearby venue. Check with your client before booking anything and see if you can use their corporate code if they do.

7. Negotiate your own hotel corporate rates

You can also choose to roll up your sleeves and negotiate corporate rates for your small business. Here are some tips to get you started:

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  • First of all, ask to speak to the manager or the hotel’s booking director.
  • Emphasise the benefits of starting a relationship between your company and the hotel. Outline what frequency and volume of business you can offer.
  • Watch out for any hidden costs associated with your negotiated rates. Comb through terms and conditions carefully and look out for any additional tariffs or taxes and avoid any unpleasant surprises when your first invoice arrives.
  • Finally, maintain an open and friendly line of communication with your contact person at the hotel. A good working relationship means that they’re more likely to go the extra mile for you should you need it.

How TravelPerk can help you get the best hotel corporate rates

Using TravelPerk for your travel management needs means that you get access to Exclusive Rates which are hard to beat. We have negotiated some of the most competitive corporate hotel rates for our customers including major hotel chains around the world. Consumer booking sites can’t get these rates for you. These are built for businesses!

We also give you the option to add your own corporate rates you have negotiated with your preferred hotels directly to your TravelPerk account.

Finally, TravelPerk also offers a VAT recovery service which makes it much easier for your company to claim your VAT refunds on your hotel spending helping you to save up to 20% on business travel expenses.


Can you use corporate rates for hotels? ›

Hotel corporate rates are usually negotiated beforehand between the hotel or hotel chain and the company, usually via the organization's travel manager. Once your company's special rate has been negotiated, you will normally be able to enjoy the benefits via a corporate code.

How do you ask for hotel corporate rates? ›

Ask what is reasonable. The hotel may ask how many room nights you will have in a year - this is to help them determine the best rate they can give you. Be sure to match the other details to the rate to ensure you are getting the ideal situation for your travelers.

Does Marriott check corporate ID? ›

Corporate Identification/Proof of Eligibility is required at Check-In. Corporate Rates can only be used by the employee of the company with the Corporate Rate, this Rate cannot be used by family members of the employee.

What does corporate rate mean hotel? ›

Definition of 'corporate rate'

A corporate rate is the amount of money a hotel charges guests who are staying there because they are traveling for business reasons. It is usually less than the normal amount.

Is it OK to use corporate rate for personal travel? ›

If your company does have a corporate hotel rate, business travelers may be able to use them regardless of whether they are traveling for business or not. Be aware that once you've booked a corporate hotel rate, you may still have to show your business card or corporate ID in order to obtain that rate while traveling.

Can anyone use a corporate discount code? ›

If you are affiliate with the company that the corporate code is intended, you can freely use the code. If you're the general public, you can try to use them but tread carefully as they may ask for identification.

How do you ask for corporate discounts? ›

  1. Just Ask! ...
  2. Be Polite – Kill them with kindness! ...
  3. Ask for a Manager – A normal salesperson or employee probably won't be able to give you a discount. ...
  4. Inquire About Future Sales – If they can't give you a discount, ask them if they can tell you when any upcoming sales will be.

Can you get a lower hotel rate by calling? ›

Calling last-minute to score a cheap room is great when it works, but sometimes you do need to book ahead online. Your best bet is to open an Incognito browser window. Some travel companies keep track of what you've searched for and will increase prices the next time you visit the site.

Can you talk down hotel prices? ›

Though it's best to phone ahead, you can negotiate on arrival. If you walk in without a reservation and are unhappy with the rate you are quoted, tell the desk clerk and ask if there is a lower rate or offer a rate that you are willing to pay.

Can my wife use my Marriott free night certificate? ›

No, a Free Night Anniversary Award issued by Marriott Bonvoy® Partner Credit Cards cannot be transferred or gifted to another Guest, They can only be used by the Member. A Free Night Award is for the Account Holder's primary use. A Free Night Award cannot be transferred from one Member to another.

What is MMF code for Marriott? ›

What is MMF code for Marriott ? The Marriott MMF code is for employees and their extended family and friends to use when making reservations at Marriott hotels, so that they receive a discounted rate as a part of the employee's benefits.

What is Marriott code MM4? ›

MM4 - employee-only code. This code shows you only the hotels with the discounted employee rates (a flat discount, no longer the category-linked $39, $49, $55, $59, $69, $79, $89, $94 per night) which apply during peak holiday season only - from around mid November to mid January (northern hemisphere).

How does corporate rate work? ›

A corporate rate is the amount of money a hotel charges guests who are staying there because they are traveling for business reasons. It is usually less than the normal amount. Corporate rates for business guests are $199 a night Monday to Friday and $109 on weekends.

What is a corporate discount? ›

Corporate Discounts

These can include discounts for purchases of company products and company-exclusive discounts on items purchased elsewhere. A tangible benefit of using an online perks platform is the pre-negotiated discounts on your employee's favorite products and services.

What is corporate fare type? ›

Corporate Fares are special fares that are exclusively offered to organizations with whom SpiceJet has a relationship by way of a written contract and are customized to cater to the needs of business/official travel.

What is the biggest issue concern you have overall with booking corporate travel? ›

Risk Management is one of the most important concerns for any travel program, especially when your corporate travelers are jetting off to international or far-flung destinations.

What is an example of corporate travel? ›

Some examples of common types of business travel include travelling to a different branch of the same company, travelling to a different location to meet suppliers or business partners, or travelling for a conference or business event.

What does a corporate travel policy cover? ›

Corporate Travel Insurance, also known as Business Travel Insurance, protects owners and employees travelling intrastate, interstate and abroad for business. It ultimately protects your company against the financial disruption caused by serious accidents, illness and travel delay.

Why do most discount codes not work? ›

Among the most common reasons a code doesn't work — it's expired, there are exclusions, it's non-transferrable and, my favorite, just because it doesn't.

Do companies have to honor discounts? ›

What The Contract Says. Assuming that an incorrect advertised price is truly an error rather than an attempt to deceive, companies are only obligated to honor it if a customer makes an offer at that price and the company accepts it. This exchange creates a contract between buyer and seller.

Can you get in trouble for using a discount code? ›

It is important for couponers to understand the guidelines and stay within the legal boundaries when using coupons. Failure to do so could result in coupon fraud, which can lead to criminal charges.

How do you politely ask for a lower price? ›

Top eight phrases to use when negotiating a lower price
  1. All I have in my budget is X.
  2. What would your cash price be?
  3. How far can you come down in price to meet me?
  4. What? or Wow.
  5. Is that the best you can do?
  6. Ill give you X if we can close the deal now.
  7. Ill agree to this price if you.
  8. Your competitor offers.
Jun 15, 2020

How do you respond to customer discount request? ›

10 sample replies to customers asking for discount
  1. “How much do you have in mind?” ...
  2. “Is price your only objection?” ...
  3. “Could you give me some background on this request?” ...
  4. “Absolutely, we'll talk about pricing, but let's talk about how we can bring value to you first.”

How do you write a discount offer message sample? ›

Example #1

Get 20% off your first purchase with [company name]. Shop now to start saving!” This is an excellent example of a discount message for first-time customers. You could send it to people who just subscribed to your text or email list.

Do hotel prices go down the longer you wait? ›

“Actually, hotel prices decline the longer you wait,” says Shank, “so if you haven't made plans yet, you can be rewarded for that with a better deal.” Same-day rates on HotelTonight are, on average, 10 percent less than if you book the day before, according to Shank.

How do you value a hotel in 60 seconds or less? ›

Essentially all you need to do is divide the total sales price by the number of rooms to arrive at a PPR (Price Per Room) value.

Do hotels give better rates over the phone? ›

Bookings taken over the phone are very different than displaying a price online, and accordingly hotels will go to great lengths to avoid paying exorbitant commission to booking websites.

How do I ask for a lower hotel rate? ›

Ask for the rate for a room. After getting the opening rate, ask if they can offer anything lower. Say that the second rate is more than you want to pay. They will ask what are you looking to pay, if you have any discount programs, or just say that is the best they can do.

How do you negotiate hotel rates? ›

Here are five tips on how to negotiate the best rate on a hotel room block.
  1. Start Your Search Early. The earlier you start looking and booking, the more options you'll have. ...
  2. Plan for the Right Number of Rooms. ...
  3. Do Your Homework on Rates. ...
  4. Ask if On-site Events Can Lower Your Rate. ...
  5. Go Over the Contract with a Fine-toothed Comb.
Nov 19, 2019

What do you do if a hotel is too expensive? ›

When traveling, you'll probably find that your accommodations eat up a good portion of your budget. Hotels don't usually come cheap, and alternatives like Bed & Breakfasts may still be more than you want to spend.
  1. Hostels. Hostels aren't just for young people. ...
  2. Camping. ...
  3. Airbnb. ...
  4. Apartments. ...
  5. House Sit. ...
  6. Couch Surf.
Jun 13, 2017

What is the 15 5 rule at Marriott? ›

Use the 15/5 rule.

Employees are taught to make eye contact and smile at customers when they are within 15 feet. Employees then give a verbal greeting when customers are within 5 feet. Wonderful!

Does Marriott allow unmarried couples? ›

QDo they allow unmarried couples? AYes, the hotel Fairfield by Marriott Hyderabad Gachibowli allows couples to check in as long as they have valid id proof.

Can I let someone else use my Marriott free night certificate? ›

You can only use your Marriott Bonvoy® Points to Gift an Award Redemption Reservation to another Guest. You cannot use a Free Night Award Certificate to book a Room for another Guest.

What's the difference between MMP and MMF? ›

There are three rate plans: MMP (Explore Rate & Explore Friends Rate), MMF (Explore Friends Rate-only), and MM4 (Explore More). You can pull up these three on Marriott's website or app using the respective codes.

Who can use MMP rate Marriott? ›

Note that immediate family members are named on Marriott asspouses, domestic partners, parents, parents-in-law, brothers, sisters and children of Marriott and former Starwood associates. See how everyone can now afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels with Mighty Travels Premium!

What is the difference between MMP and MMF Marriott? ›

What is the difference between MMP and MMF Marriott? MMP if you qualify for the Explore rate (employees, associates and their direct family). MMF if a Marriott employee or associate is nominating you.

What is MMF Marriott friends family code? ›

How do Marriott explore Friends rates work? A: Reservations must be made at The appropriate code should be entered under Special Rates (Corporate/Promotional Code). For the Explore Rate, use code MMP; for the Explore Friends Rate, use code MMF.

What is Marsha code in Marriott? ›

Step 1: Open the hotel's page on the Marriott website. Step 2: Look in the URL for the hotel's “MARSHA code”, which is the five-character sequence immediately after “/travel/“, and usually consists of three characters representing the hotel's location followed by two characters specific to the property or brand.

What is the Deloitte Marriott corporate code? ›

DTC – Deloitte. JOH – Johnson & Johnson. APC – Apple Computers.

What is the current corporate rate? ›

Corporations in the United States pay federal corporate income taxes levied at a 21 percent rate.

Why do hotels offer corporate rates? ›

Many companies have a large workforce that travel frequently – think sales people, executives, and also consultants and contractors they might hire. To make things more economical, many of these organizations will negotiate special rates for their staff and a hotel corporate code is born.

How much are corporate discounts at hotels? ›

Hotels Want Your Business, Even at a Discount

Typically, hotels will offer a general 10% discount on available public rates.

What discount rate should a company use? ›

An equity discount rate range of 12% to 20%, give or take, is likely to be considered reasonable in a business valuation. This is about in line with the long-term anticipated returns quoted to private equity investors, which makes sense, because a business valuation is an equity interest in a privately held company.

What is hotel corporate booking? ›

A corporate booking tool, or CBT, is online booking software that business travelers can use to book their trips. CBTs simplify the entire corporate travel and accommodation booking process, and they are used by firms to manage their employees' bookings, ensure policy compliance, and help with duty of care.

What is corporate full flex? ›

Corporate Full Flex is an all-inclusive product consisting airfare, Hot Seat selection, meal and unlimited flight change up to 2 hours before flight departure subject to fare difference.

What is corporate Traveller? ›

Corporate travel refers to travel where the primary motivation is business-related. This may include, for example, employees travelling to a conference, or a manager travelling to another branch. It could also involve travelling to an important meeting with a client, or visiting a particular site for an evaluation.

How do you get corporate rates with Hilton hotels? ›

There are 2 places you can add your corporate discount rate when booking on
  1. Before searching for a destination, click the 'Special rates' button to the left of 'Find a hotel'
  2. After choosing a hotel, click the 'Special rates' button above the room types.

Can I use a corporate code for enterprise? ›

Yes, Enterprise has corporate codes however they have gotten very strict in checking for ID.

Does Consumer Rights Act apply to hotels? ›

Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that it is part of that contract that the hotel provides its services with reasonable care and skill. If they do not carry out their part of the deal you're entitled to receive compensation or money off for their failure. What do you have to prove to bring a claim?

What types of tariffs are used in hotels? ›

Four tariff components are common to the majority of hotels:
  • Room Rates.
  • Meal Plans.
  • Luxury amenities.
  • Taxes and Fees.
Dec 15, 2022

Can you negotiate with Hilton? ›

Though it's best to phone ahead, you can negotiate on arrival. If you walk in without a reservation and are unhappy with the rate you are quoted, tell the desk clerk and ask if there is a lower rate or offer a rate that you are willing to pay.

What is the Hilton MVP code? ›

You can access Hilton's web page for the MVP program here. Here are the MVP rate codes (if the link above doesn't work for you): Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, and at select U.S. Hilton Grand Vacations Club locations use MVP corporate code (clickable links): N0041604 or 1135262.

How much is the employee discount for Hilton? ›

This discount gives team members a 50% discount on food, beverage, and property, and is not tied to the room rate.

What is the Marriott corporate code for enterprise? ›

(The Enterprise rent a car agent may also help you by providing a map and directions.) For complete details on Enterprise Rent a car visit there official website at use promo code 32F3734 for special rates.

Does Hertz check corporate ID? ›

Please plan to present your Corporate ID at time of rental. Insurances do not apply. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Hertz #1 Club Rewards is now Gold Plus Rewards. Click here for more details.

Does enterprise need proof of corporate code? ›

In order to apply your rate and include any benefits through your corporation, you will need to provide your corporate account number at the time of booking or prior to picking up the vehicle. Note: please remember to obtain this information from your Company's Travel Department.

Does the 4th Amendment apply to hotels? ›

Courts have recognized that the Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches and seizures applies to searches and seizures in hotel and motel rooms. Certain exceptions allow for warrantless searches and seizures, including consent.

What is the hotel Keepers Act? ›

A hotel keeper or his representative may require any person, not a guest of the hotel, whom he deems undesirable, to leave the hotel; and if the person fails to leave, may eject him from the hotel premises.

How do you take an action against a hotel? ›

One can easily Register a Consumer Complaint in the District Consumer Forum against the concerned hospitality service provider or resort or home stay or inn or any such organization engaged in this business including online hotel booking websites and get justice.

What is rule of thumb in hotel industry? ›

The Rule of Thumb Approach sets the rate of room at $ 1 for each $1000 of construction and furnishing costs per room, assuming a 70% occupancy. For example – Hotel ABC incurs a total expenditure of Rs. 15,00,000 on a room, the room rate will be Rs. 15,000.

What are the 4 types of tariffs? ›

These include specific tariffs, ad valorem tariffs, compound tariffs, tariff-rate quotas, and retaliatory tariffs. A specific tariff is a tax imposed directly onto one imported good and does not depend on the value of that imported good.


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