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ACTION Termite & Pest Control


Danny, my knight in shining armour from MasterTech Pest Solutions, showed up and listened patiently while I described my trouble (just the ant issue). He immediately went to the spot where the ants first audaciously surfaced. Thankfully, no ants were present. Danny then went outside and located the source at once. "Yes," Danny said. "You do have ants. But the goods news is that they're not fire ants. I will treat them with something that the ants will eat & take back to their nest where we will contain and eliminate them." How do you spell relief? MASTERTECH PEST SOLUTIONS

- Dian A....

Bye Bye Bugs Inc



- Kerry K....

Irish Pest Weeds & Termite


I was very pleased with Irish Pest, Weeds, and Termite. I had another company doing my pest control and had them come out in June to take care of the ants in my office. I was getting bit by them even a week after they left. I started service with Irish Pest, Weeds, and Termite to take care of my ants. The day Tanner came out to do service was the last time I saw those ants. I have not been eaten alive in my office by these ants since. Tanner did a fabulous job on taking care of my ants!

- Sonya D....

Alliance Pest Management


Excellent service. We had an invasion of ants about 2 weeks after their initial visit and they promptly came out and treated for them at no extra charge. Ants are gone!

- Pat E....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


They called a few days later to see if any bugs were seen. I still had some ants so they returned and now I'm ant free.

- Traci D....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


Bulwark did an amazing job with our ant problem. Specifically our tech Tyler Van Mierlo is amazing! We have no ants around our pool whatsoever anymore. Highly recommend bulwark and Tyler!

- Tony R....



We were having problems with ants inside and outside. They were biting ants which caused horrible reactions. We called GreenLeaf and they responded very quickly. The price was reasonable and now they come every other month.

- Barb M....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


Amazing! Jacob Ellis was professional yet friendly. He was knowledgeable and explained things well. He wore a mask and shoe covers inside. He did a great job. I’m so pleased Jacob was my technician today.

- Pamela L....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


Jose V., Bulwark pest technician, did a great job! With all the AZ monsoon rains, we really needed some pest control of ants, roaches, caterpillars, etc.. Jose did a wonderful job on the backyard ants combing though the entire yard and being very diligent on trying to eliminate the ants. He is very professional and timely

- Randy B....

Bulwark Exterminating


Calvin Babcock did such a great job. He was very friendly and thorough. We had ants in our master bedroom, which he exterminated. Shortly after they moved into our kitchen, but he took good care of them. Thank you!

- Jennifer D....

ACTION Termite & Pest Control


It was great. The guy was very professional and very polite. I liked him a lot. I think that we got a great deal. The price was $759 for ten years. I liked that he answered all my questions to my satisfaction. The work that he did was great. We have no more problems. We had a side benefit of the treatment. We had a side issue; we were having a horrible problem with ants. When he was leaving and we were wrapping things up, he was telling me a little bit more and he said that he noticed that I have a problem with ants. I asked him if he treats ants or if he knows somebody. He said that he does, but that one of the side benefits of termite treatment is that it usually takes care of the ants. It did and I have no more ants. I would definitely use them again in the future

- Jerilyn E....

Green Home Termite and Pest Control


On time, professional and courteous. Noticed a difference immediately as the ants have vanished :)

- Robert V....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


Carl Carbone was on time, explained everything, very professional, courteous and did a complete spray in order to fix the ant problem. He also provided ant traps that we can use in the future. Bulwark and Carl Carbone are an excellent team to work with and solve our pest problems. Thank you. Chris L. Fountain Hill

- Chris L....

Lady Bug Eco Friendly Pest Control


Initially the spraying treatment seemed to get rid of the ants. However, in approximately 3 weeks the ants appeared as they had originally. I called to ask for help. The firm explained that we were still under warranty and that they would send someone to correct the situation. They did exactly that and it was promptly done. The second technician seems to have solved the ant problem and double checked and sprayed all areas where he thought the ants may have entered our home. He was very professional

- Stanley F....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


Excellent He treated heavy today with water activated granules, and placed in hot spots throughout the yard where pests thrive. Also sprayed heavily all perimeter and gravel. M**** in Mundy was courteous and professional. Called ahead to let me know he was on his way.

- Gail G....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


Fantastic! Jackie was very knowledgeable and eliminated our ant trail! She also sprayed the house and outside to make sure no other pests enter. Very pleased with the care and professionalism displayed. She was also really down to earth and easy to talk to.

- Rikki B....

Magic Pest Control Inc


The initial response was very quick. They called set up an appointment and arrived early. They treated the interior and exterior of the house for ants with spray and traps. They told us to call them back if we saw any ants in the next 30 days. About a week later the ants returned so we called and set another appointment. Again they were prompt to respond and set the appointment. When they arrived we told them where we were seeing the ants both in the kitchen area and exterior of the house. They again sprayed both the interior and exterior. This did not last 2 days before the ants were back. we have called them as soon as we see the ants return. The last call we were told that our 30 days were up and even though they did not get rid of the ants as promised we were told that our 30 days were up and they would not return. So now the ants are worse than before and we are out the $85.00. I would not recommend them or use their service again

- Jim M....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


I am very satisfied with Bulwark Pets control, any time I call for service they’re very nice, professional. Specially Sam , his very nice, professional, always on time and whenever he comes for service I want see any pets for a month. Awesome job Sam. 👍👌 And yes I’ll recommend Bulwark Pets control

- Bella I....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


I called Bulwark Pest Control, our regular pest provider, on Saturday to schedule a service call because I had little ants coming in under the kitchen sink. Our service professional, Joel came right away on Monday and he was able to treat the ant problem. He is super knowledgable about what to do and it's always a pleasure talking with him. Joel is awesome and always willing to come out when we need him. We are extremely happy with Joel and the service we receive from Bulwark

- Diana T....

Bulwark Exterminating-Mesa


After having called another well-known exterminating company and setting up an appointment to which they did not show and receiving no phone call back when I called asking why the appointment was missed, I called Bulwark. I promptly received a phone call back and the person on the phone was quite knowledgable about issues with ants in our area. The quoted price was also cheaper than the other company. We were able to set up an appointment for within 24 hours. Josh and John were the technicians who came to our house and they were great. They provided a detailed explanation of what they were doing and were willing and able to work around a baby and two small dogs. They were scheduled to arrive at 2, called at 1:30 to say they could be early, and provided prompt service once they were here. We are already seeing fewer ants in our house

- Rhian S....

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